7 days hunt in South Africa

7  full days hunting, with the following game,1 of each: Kudu, Blue Wildebeest,  Impala, Worthog, Blesbuck and Springbuck.  Price  is for hunt 2:1.

23.490 kr

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Product Description

South Africa is the country we send the largest amount of hunters to. The country has an enormous amount of animals. South Africa is a very beautiful and varied country with a very diverse topography ranging from coastal areas, areas of desert to lush forests, mountains and plains. There are cozy town built in English and Dutch colonial style. The density of game along with the fantastic and varied nature makes South Africa a dream country for hunters. After a day of hunting you sit under Africa’s incredible starry sky and enjoy a sundowner. We really do understand why so many of our hunters return back to the Eastern Cape.