Antilope hunting in Namibia


Namibia is a fantastic country to hunt in that will give you a wonderful and challenging hunting along with a lot of other experiences. This is our best hunting area for really big Oryx and Kudu.

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Antelope Hunting in Namibia

Our hunting area is in the eastern part of Namibia, on a ranch called Babi Babi. The farm is located just 20 km from the border of Botswana. Gobabis is the closest town located just east of the capital Windhoek. The area bears the same name as the ranch. Driving time is approximately 2.5 hours from the airport in Windhoek. The hunting grounds consist of relatively flat terrain with a great deal of brush, punctuated by more open plains. There is a great variety of antelope in the area that offers exciting and varied hunting.

The hunt takes place mainly by stalking. SUVs are used to move around on the large hunting grounds. The binoculars must be diligently used and when the right animal is discovered, the hunt can begin. It is common to hunt from the early morning hours until late morning when there will be served a lunch and the hunters get a rest. The hunt continues in the afternoon until dusk.
Namibia offers exciting wild species such as Springbok, which is Namibia’s national animal. This is our best hunting area for really big Oryx and Kudu.