Jakt Skottland Hjort trofee med jeger

Red-stag hunting in Scotland

Scotland is a fantastic hunting country which offers a multitude of exciting hunting types. We have access to more than 500,000 hectares of hunting ground ranging from forest and farmland to highlands. We know Scotland well and have had many satisfied Norwegian customers hunting there. We can promise you a wonderful nature experience and exciting hunts. Accommodations can be either at traditional small B&B’s in small villages or at an all-inclusive highland estate.

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Product Description

Hunting for red stag takes place from mid-September until the 20th of October. Hunting for Scottish highland deer is a unique form of deer hunting since it takes place in the open heathlands. Your guide will be an experienced tracker who works on the estate. These Scottish trackers know their properties well and will do everything needed ensuring you a great hunting experience. In a few of our hunts we will be using highland ponies to carry the deer down from the hills. This is something of the essence of hunting in Scotland, being able to take part in the ancient traditions and hunts in a country with high hunting ethics and respect for wildlife. Red deer here are not as big as on the continent, but will give very special memories when you climb through the heather in this magnificent landscape. Later in the fall, from 21 October until 15 February, it possible to hunt hinds and calves.

A video from the area: Hjortejakt i Skottland