Jakt Canada Mtn Goat med jeger

Mountain Goat in Canada

Mountain Goat hunting in Canadas steep and beautiful mountains. We recomend that you are in good shape if you want to hunt Mountain Goat. This is an 8 day hunt.

116.900 kr

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Product Description

We have a new separate area in Canada. This is a wonderful wilderness experience in untouched nature! Our area is approximately 4000km2. The terrain is located at Atlin Lake and extends right into the border of Alaska, in the northeast corner of BC, just south of the border to the Yukon. During the hunt you live in simple wooden huts or tents depending on what you hunt. We have about 8 huts spread around in the terrain. On one of the cabins there are two ATVs used to get into the mountain area and to carry out any downed game. All hunting takes place as 1: 1. You fly to Whitehorse in the Yukon, and drive to Atlin which takes about 3 hours. From here the transport continues with seaplane.
Here you can hunt Moose, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly and Stone Sheep.

This is a wilderness experience you will never forget!