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Private: Salmon fishing in Alaska

Travel with us to Chunilna Creek, one of the best rivers in all of Alaska! This river is our Alaska guide’s favorite river. We have been allowed to bring our customers to the guide’s cabin far up the river, to fish for salmon and trout. The river houses among others BIG king salmon, silver salmon, “pink salmon”, “dog salmon”, “red salmon”, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden (char) and grayling. You fish for 6 days, and you live only 10 meters from the riverbank at the best deep pool in the river. You’re in bear country, with boat or your feet as the only means of transportation, and you will definitely have nature experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. We offer great prices on this fishing, so book early to secure your spot!!



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Fishing in Chunilna Creek, Alaska:
Alaska is known for its enormously good fishing, but not all rivers are equally stable and diverse. The river we use holds 5 different species of salmon, and these come up in the river at different times of the year. In addition we have stationary rainbow trout, Dolly Varden (char) and grayling, so there are always some species to fish for. The pool outside the cabin is one of the best pools in the entire river, so there is no need to go far to experience good fishing. Otherwise you can fish far up or down the river, or be taken up to a tributary of the Talkeetna water system. You arrange this with your guide in Alaska while you are there. There is a little natural spring running out by the cabin, so even if the river is murky, there will be clear water in the pool outside the cabin. This helps make fishing more stable and the conditions have to be extreme before the river becomes unfishable. The upper limit for salmon fishing is not far from the cabin, but you can fish rainbow trout as far as you want upriver. The fishery is closed at night. The stay is one week from Saturday to Saturday (home on Sunday) .We can also take business groups of up to 20 people.
The season for each species may vary slightly from year to year, and Pink Salmon come only every 2 years (2013, 2015, 2017 etc). King Salmon usually come up the river a little before midsummer, and it is only allowed to keep them until July 13. After this it is not allowed to target King Salmon, and they have to be released if you catch one! The guide catches fish every year between 25-30 kg during this time, with his personal best being approximately 35kg!
Some are just looking for the big rainbows, and there are some fat rainbows up to 75cm in this river. This fishing is often best in the early summer before the salmon arrive, and late in the season, but rainbows of 2-3 kg (or larger) are regularly caught in the middle of the season. Late in the season one can find the rainbows standing right behind the salmon in the river. We can also utilize another tributary where fishing for rainbows is good.
The river has many shallow areas, so it is possible to fish with both fly and spinner / spoon / wobbler.