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South Africa – Moolmanshoek

Centre-based ride at a private reserve in a wonderful setting surrounded by some of the highest mountains in South Africa. There is a variety of game and over 300 horses including a Boerperd stud and Arabians bred for endurance.

Product Description

Situated in the shadow of the Witteberg mountains near the border with Lesotho this game reserve and conservation area has been converted from farmland and is now home to a variety of wildlife including Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Zebra, Eland, Gemsbok and many others that are historically indigenous to the area. Many bird species can be seen in the reserve, while a wide variety of plants grow on the mountain slopes and in the beautiful wooded ravines.

Moolmanshoek is a horse lovers’ paradise. It has two award-winning studs – South Africa Boerperd and Arabian Endurance horses. A total of more than 300 horses make Moolmanshoek their home where they are bred, trained and ridden. Moolmanshoek horses have been the top ranking FEI horses in the world in endurance in 2007 and 2008.

The trail horses are mostly the native SA Boeperd and also include some retired endurance horses. Depending on their competition schedule and your ability, you may ride one of the endurance horses in training.

Enjoy long canters, either on the plains amongst the wildlife or on tracks climbing into the mountains. You also ride through the herds of young horses which are raised wild on the mountain sides, resulting in characteristic sure footedness.

For non-riders there is some great hiking, game drives, excellent offroad tracks through mountain passes as well as fly fishing.

At certain times of the year it may be possible to join a competitive endurance ride, either at Moolmanshoek or nearby.