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Private: Fly Fishing in Slovenia

Are you a fly fisherman and dream of small and medium-sized crystal clear rivers with a beautiful backdrop, with huge rainbow trout, brown trout, grayling and marmorata trout? We can now offer you a trip to a destination most Norwegians do not know – also called “Europe’s answer to New Zealand”. Equally clear rivers, big fish and lush scenery – only 3 hours from Oslo! The nutrient-rich rivers have good hatches, and the biggest fish puts the fisherman to the test – just as it should be! Those who visit this area want to return year after year, for this is truly a paradise for a fly fisherman.

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Fishing in Slovenia
The stay is 7 days, with 6 days of fishing. Each group gets their own personal guide and the guides are really talented! You’ll be taken to the best spots that you would never have found on your own. There are more than 8 rivers within a short radius of this area, and the guide knows exactly where to go under the different conditions. This is worth its weight in gold, and you will not spend precious fishing time on exploration. You see a lot of fish in the crystal clear rivers, but it often takes a little time getting used to the river and tips from guides to trick the really big ones. Here grayling can be up to 3kg, and there are opportunities for rainbows up to 5-6kg. Many are also looking for the rare marmorata trout, and there are really large specimens of the species in these rivers. There are also brown trout here, so the variety is great. Not the easiest fishing in the world – but that’s just the way we want it!